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How can we really be a clean and green city?

Birmingham City Council should feel ashamed of its record on recycling and waste management. The local authority lies third from bottom of the recycling league table compiled by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA), with a pitiful 23.6% of waste recycled last year. To become a truly clean and green city, as […]

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Action on air pollution in Birmingham is long overdue

Today, Birmingham is the first city outside London to introduce a Clean Air Zone, which involves a charge for people driving into the city centre if they have older, more polluting cars. Birmingham Green Party says the CAZ is an exercise in tackling air pollution sooner rather than later. Councillor Julien Pritchard says: “Years of […]

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Will the council’s climate plan ambitions go up in smoke?

Birmingham City Council declared a climate emergency last year, yet they are still considering locking themselves into contracts for outdated, dirty technology that will make it impossible for the city to become carbon neutral quickly enough.  Birmingham Green Party is strongly opposed to any extension of the contract to keep the Tyseley incinerator going beyond […]

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