Roxanne Green for Yardley

Roxanne is passionate about environmental and social justice. She believes in the power of communities to make change and has a background in managing local community projects. Roxanne has managed a number of major national projects focused on investing in community infrastructure, providing skills development and improving access to nature. She currently works in operations management, leading on systems development and people management for an international NGO working on global tax reform and wealth redistribution.

Roxanne has been involved in a number of environmental and feminist organisations throughout the 20 years she has lived in Birmingham. She has a degree in Philosophy and Politics and a masters in Global Ethics. Roxanne believes that the current system is failing us all and we all have the right to live a good life, where everyone has the resources and the support they need to flourish and achieve their potential. She is passionate about arts and culture and committed to investing in local services and infrastructure like libraries and parks.

Roxanne can be contacted on

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