Rob Grant for Northfield

Rob Grant - Birmingham Green Party candidate for the Northfield constituency

Rob Grant is a Birmingham City Councillor representing Kings Norton South, which is within the Northfield constituency. As a councillor, he knows the many deprived areas in Northfield and the uneven level of investment since the closure of MG Rover in 2005, which has left many areas behind.

If elected to parliament Rob will apply his broad life and professional experience to stand up for local communities, organisations, and businesses.

Rob is passionate about issues that affect our quality of life: housing, transport,health, pollution. He will campaign for proper funding for the NHS and social care, and effective action on pollution and the environment. Rob says:

“I have lived in our diverse and energetic city for 32 years. I have worked in education for the past 20 years, currently as a college lecturer, and I have first-hand experience of the concerns of young people.

“If elected I will work tirelessly to achieve a vision of an improved social, economic, and greener Northfield. I will represent the interests and aspirations of local communities and businesses. I will challenge existing approaches to tackling and resolving issues and concerns from central and local government, and champion a drive towards decentralisation and for local decision making.”

Rob can be contacted at

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