Ben Auton for Sutton Coldfield

Ben Auton - Birmingham Green Party candidate for the Sutton Coldfield constituency in the 2024 General Election

Ben Auton has lived in Sutton Coldfield for 6 years and loves the town for its vibrancy and radically caring community. Ben is an environmental scientist working in remediation having worked to clean up Birmingham’s canals and currently works removing pollution from former gas works.

His interests are focussed on helping people solve housing issues and directly combatting the poor state of rental housing. He works with Unite and Acorn community unions to bring about change through solidarity and direct action.

“I am very policy oriented and am standing to become the Green MP for Sutton Coldfield because our policies are the only ones which take our critical climate condition seriously. At the same time as tackling the existential climate emergency we have to reform our society to be fairer. There is no climate justice without social justice.

“Green values are about taking responsibility for our community and country. We need real hope and real change.”

Ben can be contacted on

Birmingham Green Party General Election 2024 homepage.

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