Carla Charles selected as the Green Party’s candidate for the Bournbrook and Selly Park by-election

Carla Charles and Birmingham Green Party campaigning to send a message on cuts to local services

Carla Charles has been selected as the Green Party’s candidate for the upcoming Bournbrook and Selly Park by-election.

Carla is an arts educator and runs a local non-profit arts space. She lives locally with her husband and daughter.

Carla wants to campaign to save local spaces and services from planned City Council cuts.

Carla says: “As someone who works to make arts accessible to all, and as a mother myself, I know just how valuable our community spaces and local services are to people.”

“I want to campaign to save as many of our services as possible, and send a message to our Labour-run Council and the Tory Government these cuts to local services is completely outrageous. Voting Green at this by-election is a way of sending that message and holding our Labour-run Council to account.”

“It’s utterly devastating that so many local services like our libraries are under threat. People across this city will potentially lose so many vital services through no fault of their own.”

“I am motivated from having worked with our existing Green Party councillors in standing up for residents and the services residents rely on. I know they have been at the forefront of highlighting the impact of these cruel cuts, with Julien Pritchard reading out letters from young people asking the council not to close their youth centre at the Budget Meeting of the City Council.”

Vote for Carla Charles, Birmingham Green Party candidate for the Bournbrook and Selly Oak ward for Birmingham City Council on Thursday 2 May.

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