What the Green Party in Birmingham stands for

People often think we're the same as Greenpeace, or that we only care about the environment. 

We do really care about the environment but the Green Party has always stood for so much more. Since our foundation our aims have always been for both environmental AND social justice.

In short, fairness is what we are all about.


In practice, this means fighting for: a living wage; affordable housing; free school meals; to keep post offices open; more jobs; no NHS cuts; an end to racism, poverty and oppression; and to make our streets safer.

For example, in Birmingham this means:

  • Pay all council employees a Living Wage - We would also require all Council contractors to do the same and encourage every business in Birmingham to agree to pay their staff a living wage.

  • Free home insulation for everyone - this would reduce everyone's carbon emissions and energy bills, thus saving everyone money.

  • Genuine community led regeneration - Regeneration should be focused on neighbourhoods and not just the city centre. Developers should renovate existing buildings rather than demolishing them and starting again.

  • No neighbourhood office closures - We would invest more rather than less in Neighbourhood Offices and libraries. They are key community facilities and a lifeline for the city's most vulnerable.

  • Open up access to private rented housing - In Birmingham there are thousands of empty privately owned homes and thousands of people who need housing. We would help people rent these properties, for example by helping with deposits.

  • More support for carers - Thousands of people in our city care for ill or disabled friends or relatives, many for hours a week and with little support and no break. Carers are our city's unsung heroes and need more support.

Unlike some of the other parties, we are proud for the public to be able to read all of our policies, which are geared towards a fairer and more sustainable world.


See the Birmingham Green Party mini-manifesto here and also the Green Party of England and Wales general election priorities.