Re-building Birmingham: can it be done sustainably?

18 December 2017

Care about the state of the city’s housing? Then come to a discussion with an expert panel.

Birmingham is going through a time of transformation. As the city grows and changes the buildings – particularly houses – are being re-made around us.

Yet, this process also challenges our ability to meet sustainability targets and build communities that will last. Is it possible to keep emissions low whilst renewing urban areas? How can people be better involved in the decisions about their neighbourhoods? In short, can we re-build Birmingham in a sustainable and positive way?

Here in the Birmingham Green Party we’re serious about exploring the issues that affect the realities of life in the city. Very little is more important to us as where we live and the people we live with.

Join us to discuss this topic on Monday 8th January in the Home Is Where Café.

We’ll be joined by two expert speakers who you will have the chance to question and discuss these issues with. 

Rosemary Coyne is a co-ordinator at the Sustainable Housing Action Partnership and has over twenty years’ experience working in the field of environmental sustainability, from climate change adaptation and mitigation to advisor on and manager of European projects. Rosemary is currently working on the development of a new domestic new build standard for energy efficiency, and working with local authorities to improve the way they procure housing with an eye to addressing fuel poverty and emissions targets.


Tom Chance is a policy, communications and campaigning expert with a particular interest in housing. He is a former Green Party spokesperson on housing and is author of the current party policy in this area. He worked in London’s City Hall for seven years advising on a range of policy areas. He has recently worked on the Housing and Planning APPG’s National Housing Taskforce, and given support to a programme of review for the National Community Land Trust Network.

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