Birmingham Green Party Chair says Clancy resignation 'does nothing to address the problem'

15 September 2017

John Clancy’s resignation is just the latest in a long line of council mismanagement of the city’s waste services, says Chair of Birmingham Green Party, Rob Grant. 

The Leader of the Council resigned when his position became untenable following the failure to end the three-month bin strike, and revelations about failing to follow his own council’s legal advice.

Mr Grant said: “John Clancy’s resignation will do nothing to address the problem affecting real Brummies – the mess on the streets.

There is no excuse for having handled this situation so badly – and the blame lies squarely with the Labour-run council. While rubbish and recycling was going uncollected the city’s leadership should have been doing their job – delivering the services that people pay their council tax for.

This is just the latest crisis to hit the council who are incapable of delivering the services people deserve. Councils across the country manage waste with no trouble. We’re a world class city and we could have a world-leading waste and recycling system, whilst giving the bin collectors a fair deal.

We need a rapid resolution to the disgraceful mismanagement of essential services paid for out of the pockets of city residents.”

Also see the Birmingham Green Party petition telling the council that it is NOT OK to incinerate recyling.

Andi Mohr, Media Co-ordinator, West Midlands Green Party, 07837533631,