Please sign our petition telling Birmingham City Council: it is NOT OK to incinerate the recycling!

29 July 2017

Birmingham City Council seem to think that the only way to deal with the backlog of waste created by the binmen strike is to throw all of the recycling into the incinerator with the rest of the rubbish.

It has been confirmed that the council is resorting to sending all of the recycling to the incinerator as the strike action entered it's forth week.

So not only are Birmingham residents paying for recyling which is not being done - and spending time sorting it into the relevant streams - but they are also paying again when it gets sent to landfill or the incinerator.

Chair of Birmingham Green Party Rob Grant said: “I am appalled that Birmingham City Council think it’s OK to do this. Families go to a lot of trouble to carefully sort cardboard, plastic bottles and glass from the rest of the rubbish, ready for collection.

“It’s completely unacceptable for the Council to just decide to burn the lot without telling anybody. It’s just irresponsible - I’m quite shocked.

“Everybody in the city will know how badly the Council are handling rubbish collections and this is just another example.”

Please sign our petition here to let the City council know that this is unacceptable.