Birmingham Green Party crowdfunder is most successful ever

8 May 2017

Birmingham Green Party's recent crowdfunder is the most succesful ever.  We raised £3,706 towards paying the deposit for a Green candidate in every constituency in Birmingham.

Under the current system, everyone who stands needs to pay £500 as a deposit, which they get back if they get more than 5% of the vote.

In Birmingham with our 10 MPs that means the Birmingham Greens had to raise £5,000 with very little notice when the snap General Election was called.

"We are incredibily proud of our donors and members" said Rob Grant, Birmingham Green Party chair.  "This shows how determined they are to make sure there is a Green choice for every single voter in Birmingham.  It shows how passionate and generous our members here in Birmingham are."

The final list of candidates for the Birmingham constituencies will be published here very soon.


For all press and media enquiries please contact Rob Grant on 

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