The Green Party Pledges to scrap tuition fees, bring back maintenance grants and protect students and universities after Brexit

27 April 2017

Co-leader Jonathan Bartley: “Students need a liferaft in the Brexit storm”

The Green Party announced three policies aimed at students at an event in Sheffield yesterday, April 26th.

Co-leader Jonathan Bartley and deputy leader Amelia Womack made a series of commitments to students during a visit to the University of Sheffield. They were joined by students, members of the Young Greens and Natalie Bennett, candidate for Sheffield Central.

The Green Party will pledge to:

  • Scrap tuition fees
  • Reinstate maintenance grants
  • Continue the Erasmus programme and match EU funding for universities with a UK equivalent after Brexit

Ahead of the announcement, Bartley said:
“The Green Party is the only party standing up for students and putting young people at the heart of its campaign. Education is a right not a commodity to be bought and sold, and we need a level playing field so everyone has the chance to go to university or college. 

“Students need a liferaft in the Brexit storm. They are being ignored in the Brexit negotiations, despite having the most to lose. Funding for our universities is under unprecedented threat. The Green Party will not let young people miss out on opportunities to study, travel and work across Europe because of a decision that they so emphatically voted against.   

“Building a better future for young people is an absolute priority and today we are committing to policies that will help us work towards an open, fairer society where everyone has the chance to succeed.”

There are more than 60,000 students enrolled in Birmingham universities – one of the largest student populations in the country.

Alice Kiff, Green Party Member and undergraduate student at the University of Birmingham, said: "Green Party policies will make sure that young people are getting the best start in life. The Green Party Youth Manifesto pledges to introduce free local transport for under 18s in full time education, as well as the abolition of tuition fees - as many other countries have already done.

“University students are drowning in a sea of debt. The Green Party wants to throw young people a lifeline. I couldn't be more convinced that the Greens are the party that young people should be voting for."

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