Resolution Foundation exclude Greens from debate

6 December 2016

We're sad to say that James Burn, Green Party candidate for West Midlands Mayor has been excluded from the mayor debate held by the Resolution Foundation on 12th December - while the other three candidates are all invited. We have been told there is "no space" and "no time" to hear from a Green candidate during a 90-minute event.

James Burn - Green Party candidate for West Midlands Mayor

We thought the days of the Green Party being excluded from debates were over - but apparently the Resolution Foundation thinks James has nothing to say on living standards. We think differently! James is passionate about speaking up for all those in the Midlands who have been left behind by the grossly unfair way profits of economic growth have been shared.

As the only candidate who lives, represents and works with those on lower incomes (rather than coming from a big business background), James would have had many really valuable insights to share. Ironically, for an event about "sharing growth", the only politicians that are allowed a voice will be those least connected to communities needing this "shared growth".

The James Burn for West Midlands Mayor is on Facebook and Twitter - and the contact details of the Resolution Foundation are on their site if you would like to join us in complaining.

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