Council cuts more jobs while plunging city into debt

10 December 2014

The Council has announced it is making 6,000 people jobless by 2018. That means big cuts to frontline services and more unemployed in a city that already has twice the rate of unemployment compared to the national average.

The Council blames central Government for cuts while accepting “austerity” as a necessary evil. However, it continues to hand out lucrative contracts to international firms either to deliver services or to manage capital projects such as the £190 million library and £600 million railway station. It even gave the Birmingham Conservatoire £12 million in return for withdrawing an objection to the compulsory purchase of its premises; all by borrowing money from central government.  

The Birmingham Green Party is concerned that the latest round of job losses will inevitably lead to even more publicly subsidised privatisation. Taxpayers are already funding huge profits to private contractors and their shareholders.

Green Party campaigner Ian Jamieson, said: “This latest announcement is an insult to the residents of Birmingham. Surely that money would have been better spent on frontline services to improve existing community libraries and transport links around the region?”

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