Save Bournville jobs, say Greens

10 December 2014

Green Party campaigner for Bournville, Ian Jamieson, is calling on Cadbury to pull out all the stops to prevent jobs being shifted away from the area.

Some reports suggest that Cadbury's owners, Mondelez International, are considering taking production abroad after staff were asked to consider radically changed employment conditions in order to get investment into the historic plant.

“The first priority has to be to stop any more outsourcing of work from here to other countries, and to retain as many of these skilled and secure jobs for local people as we possibly can” says Ian.

He added: “Cadbury mustn't go the way of other firms who've been taken over; with the factory shut down and no plan for anything to go in its place. We hope that the union are right when they say they expect a favourable outcome, but the last thing that Birmingham, or Bournville, needs is a vacant site and a thousand job losses.”

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