Birmingham Greens announce vision for city

7 September 2014

The Birmingham Green Party will campaign for a 'cleaner, fairer, more inclusive city' as it looks to win council seats aross a number of wards.

The Party's vision invites voters to choose the party of imagination in next year's local and national elections, and outlines a list of key priorities it will be fighting for over the coming weeks and months.

The full list of key priorities, designed by Party members and formally ratified by its committee, are:

A cleaner city – streets free from litter; an end to waste collection charges; improved waste management policies (recycling and reusing as much waste as possible); investment in green spaces, urban parks and eco-friendly building design.

A fairer city – undeveloped and derelict land to be brought back into public use for Birmingham citizens; reduced energy costs through investment in home energy retrofit programmes and a Council owned renewable energy company; safer roads for cyclists; improved children's social care and child protection services; investment in adult social care provision for people with specific needs; freedom for people to protest peacefully.

A more inclusive city – a standard education for all our children in consistently well run schools, with an emphasis on effective governance; a more cohesive city in which minority communities do not feel alienated by divisive media and government policy agendas; an end to the cuts and more investment in community centres, arts initiatives, leisure facilities, libraries and allotments.

Membership has increased significantly since May's elections as disillusioned Labour voters and people fearful of a rise in the right wing, zenophobic politics of UKIP flock to a party that truly represents the interests of local people and the common good.

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