The Green Party believes in a fair society where everyone is valued, and benefits from good public services, education, healthcare, and housing, so as to make the most of their lives.

By contrast, Hodge Hill suffers from high levels of pollution, shortening life expectancy and affecting children’s mental development. Levels of deprivation, unemployment and child poverty are also high. As your MP I would focus on reducing pollution, improving healthcare including mental health, and educational opportunities. To reduce the amount of air pollution from private cars, public transport needs to be cheap, frequent and safe.

The Green Party would bring public transport back into public control and introduce an immediate cut in fares. Some pollution hotspots are due to freight, however. We need to make far more use of canals and railways for freight, as well as rerouting lorries away from urban highways. The fact that so many parents in Hodge Hill home school and send children for private tuition is an indictment of our state schools.

This is not a wealthy area and parents can ill afford private schooling, but there are not enough school places and high class sizes also mean that children do not get the individual attention they need. Academisation has made matters worse. We would bring schools back under local government control and fund them properly so that poorer areas don’t miss out.


For 41 years I worked in the NHS as a clinician and as a senior manager. For eight of these years I was a Child Protection Advisor, which brought me into contact with many vulnerable families. While our NHS has been underfunded for years, the problem is particularly acute in densely populated urban areas. Waiting times for appointments can be unacceptably long, while there are simply not enough doctors. As well, mental health issues are on the increase.

We would end the privatisation of the NHS, make mental health a much higher priority with resources to match, and focus on recruiting and retaining more doctors and nurses, not building more hospitals which remain understaffed.

If you, like me, want to see improvements for the people of Hodge Hill in health, education and the environment, vote Green. We are the party which is fighting for social and environmental justice for all.

Freedom of Movement

Whether we travel for work, for study, for love, or for any of a hundred other reasons, we are all enriched by freedom of movement

Environmental protection

An extreme Brexit puts many of the environmental protection laws we currently have at risk

Real democracy

The terms of Brexit weren’t on the ballot paper. We need a people’s vote on the final deal and our place in Europe

We believe in being brave, in speaking our minds and together we can do politics differently