My family and I live in Weoley Castle; we have long-standing connections with and affection
for the Northfield Constituency. While Northfield has beautiful green spaces and some
quality housing, it also includes areas of deprivation and child poverty. I am a mental health
nurse and I previously worked with adolescents on an acute ward, and now am part of the
management team at a complex needs care home. I see first-hand the devastating impact of
austerity on the most vulnerable people in our city on a daily basis and am driven heart and
soul to rectify the damage this has done to the health and social care system and to make
the dream of equal, accessible and proactive care for all a reality.

The Green Party has ground-breaking policies on how to save our NHS and remodel social
care; how to bring housing costs down and protect the rights of tenants; and how to
manage and preserve the environment. We will stop the privatising of state education,
putting the child, the parents and the teachers at the centre of our education system, giving
the community a say. The vision of a healthier, happier and fairer society set out in the
Green Party Manifesto is based on a radical rethinking of how to make our economy work
for the benefit of all.

I passionately believe in the hope of a better world for my children to grow up in, and in the
practical measures to achieve this that the Green Party is campaigning for. This starts right
here in Northfield where our environment deserves protection, our children deserve equal
excellent education and we all deserve a safe and warm home to live in and to receive the
care we need when we need it. A vote for the Green Party is a vote for the Common Good; a
vote for me is a vote for someone who will listen to your concerns and fight for your needs
to be met.

Freedom of Movement

Whether we travel for work, for study, for love, or for any of a hundred other reasons, we are all enriched by freedom of movement

Environmental protection

An extreme Brexit puts many of the environmental protection laws we currently have at risk

Real democracy

The terms of Brexit weren’t on the ballot paper. We need a people’s vote on the final deal and our place in Europe

We believe in being brave, in speaking our minds and together we can do politics differently