It is more urgent than ever to join the Green Party

We need to fight back against ideologically imposed austerity that has actually tripled the national debt.

We need to fight back against a hard Brexit that would leave us worse off than before and is seen as a chance to allow privatization of the NHS.

We need to stop the bonfire of red tape that simply allows companies to pollute more and avoid fire safety regulations to save money.

We need to fight back against the destruction of the environment and air and water pollution.

We think that fair is worth fighting for: will you join us? 

Join the Green Party


Volunteer to help the Green Party

The Green Party is 99% made up of volunteers - this is how we’ve been running for over 40 years.  There is so much to do to win elections, we rely on volunteers and welcome your help.  Whatever skills or ability you have, you will be an welcomed and your efforts valued.

Help locally by canvassing or leafleting on the build up to elections, or help the national or regional party in their office.

To volunteer in Birmingham, contact us on the details below:

To volunteer nationally, sign up at the Green Party of England and Wales site.


Donate to Birmingham Green Party here: