Zain Ahmed for Hall Green and Moseley

Zain Ahmed Birmingham Green Party candidate for the Hall Green and Moseley constituency in the 2024 General Election

Zain lives in Hall Green, where he grew up, and has witnessed the issues his community faces: underfunded schools, poor healthcare services and more. Zain says:

“I am running in this election because I feel it is time for new, young voices to decide our future. At 23 years old, I represent a generation that is enthusiastic, intelligent, and eager to confront our country’s most critical concerns. I am dedicated to addressing the issues that face our country today, including climate change, providing accessible education, and developing job opportunities that reflect the changing labour market.

I want to be a voice for individuals who feel unheard, and bring new ideas to the table. My campaign emphasises inclusivity, openness, and sustainability.

I believe in accountability and community involvement. By running for election, I hope to be a strong champion for our constituency, making sure that every voice is heard and respected. We can work together to make the future brighter for everyone.”

Zain can be contacted at

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