Nicola Payne for Edgbaston

Nicola Payne, Birmingham Green Party candidate for the Edgbaston constituency

Nicola is a teacher living in Moseley and working in West Bromwich, and strives every day to raise student success in the face of uneven school funding and economic pressures. If selected as the MP for Edgbaston, she will advocate for fairness across the educational system so that every child in Edgbaston – no matter their postcode or their family’s circumstances – has access to high-quality education.

Fairness will be the foundation of every decision Nicola takes. For example, on an international level, she will challenge the UK government’s delayed stance towards the genocide and repression in Gaza, and will call for more consistent protection of human rights across the globe, from ending other genocides – in Xinjiang and Sudan, to name but two – to defending communities against the interests of fossil fuel companies.

On a national level, Nicola will champion the NHS and work to protect it against underfunding and creeping privatisation. The Queen Elizabeth hospital is a source of pride for the people of Edgbaston and a personal source of comfort to her, as the hospital that treated her father for leukaemia. She will work to maintain its status of excellence and to promote policies that prevent the need for people to go to hospital in the first place, such as the policy of improving air quality through funding a more affordable and more reliable public transport network.

Nicola looks forward to working with the people of Edgbaston and hopes you will join her on this journey towards real hope and real change.

Nicola can be contacted on

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