Imran Khan for Hodge Hill and North Solihull

Imran Khan, Birmingham Green Party candidate for the Hodge Hill and North Solihull constituency in the 2024 General Election

Imran has lived in Hodge Hill for most of his life and attended Hodge Hill School. He has worked in education for over 12 years, represented parents as school governor, volunteered
with the Youth Offending Service and also acted as a local football coach.

Having been a member of the Green Party for over six years, Imran stood as a local candidate previously. He is standing as a Parliamentary candidate now because he is passionate about social and environmental justice. He will campaign to highlight local issues which have been neglected, such as the poor standards of the local environment and the safety issues. Imran says:

“I will work to eliminate fly-tipping and keep our streets and parks clean, and make Birmingham’s roads safer by putting an end to speeding and knife-crime. Our libraries must stay open, and investment in our public services must continue. The cost-of-living crisis is affecting more and more of us. I want a fairer deal for us all.

“The ongoing crisis in the Middle East has highlighted the failure of our government to uphold international law and human rights. This must be addressed as it goes against our moral and ethical standards of upholding civil liberties and human rights for all.”

Imran can be contacted at

Birmingham Green Party General Election 2024 homepage.

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