I am standing in this election to give the people of Yardley the opportunity to vote for a party which believes in opposing austerity, protecting the environment, and defending the rights and protections guaranteed up till now by our membership of the European Union.

For better or worse, the defining question of this election will be the issue of Brexit and how to break the impasse in parliament. For the past three years I have argued that any deal for leaving the EU must be supported by the people of Britain through a referendum. This is important for both Leave and Remain voters as any deal has to draw a line under this issue. 

I grew up in the heart of Yardley and have seen the way the constituency has changed and grown over the years. I have seen some of the problems that need to be tackled, issues like the 35% of children living in poverty, well above the UK average.

I would:
  • Set clear targets for ending child poverty, call for government funding to provide early years support for young people and their families.
  • Air pollution is a serious concern, with more than five hundred deaths in Birmingham linked with poor air quality, and the city facing a £60m fine if it doesn’t deal with air pollution.
I would:
  • Push for the Green New Deal bill introduced by Caroline Lucas and Clive Lewis, which aims to make the UK carbon-neutral by 2030, create a National Investment Bank, and introduce a living wage across the country.
  • Homelessness in the city is a growing problem, with more than fifty-five rough sleepers being reported every night, up from just six before the last Conservative coalition government. The causes of homelessness are myriad, from domestic violence, the breakdown of relationships, to drug and alcohol abuse and so much more.
I would:
  • Ensure that the existing work on domestic violence is maintained and strengthened, provide emergency accommodation for any rough sleepers in the constituency, work with charities to ensure that the needs of homeless families and individuals are met.
  • The Green Party is committed to a fairer, more sustainable society. This election, vote to help make that vision a reality.

Freedom of Movement

Whether we travel for work, for study, for love, or for any of a hundred other reasons, we are all enriched by freedom of movement

Environmental protection

An extreme Brexit puts many of the environmental protection laws we currently have at risk

Real democracy

The terms of Brexit weren’t on the ballot paper. We need a people’s vote on the final deal and our place in Europe

We believe in being brave, in speaking our minds and together we can do politics differently