Kefentse has lived in Birmingham his whole life, in and around Perry Barr where he is living
now. He is currently working on a Masters’ degree in Environmental Management, which
has given him an understanding of the city’s environmental problems and how they can be

Kefentse says: “Where the Green Party leads the rest are beginning to follow. Other parties are finally admitting the seriousness of Climate Change. The second referendum which we have
supported all along is increasingly seen as the only democratic way to resolve the Brexit
question. Our policies for a fairer Britain, like the four-day working week and a Universal
Basic Income, have humanity, decency and justice at their heart.

I have personally experienced the problems our area faces, whether it’s the increasing use
of food banks, the state of the City Hospital or the levels of litter and fly-tipping. The Green
Party is the only party with effective solutions to these problems. Basic income will address
the causes of poverty by providing everyone with enough for basic needs as of right. We
will introduce a real living wage for all and work to end the gender and race pay gaps. We
will immediately increase the overall NHS budget by £12 billion a year to overcome the
current funding crisis, increase investment in mental health care and provide for free
dentistry, chiropody and prescriptions in England. We will move towards a zero waste
society, with separate collections for food waste for composting, increased recycling and a
ban on non-recyclable plastics.

Parts of the constituency are very deprived, with child poverty levels above the Birmingham
average which itself is above the national average. I would make it my business to see these
left-behind areas brought up, by consulting with local residents on how to address the
causes. Many people feel powerless in our current political system. A vote for the Green
Party is a vote for local empowerment!”

Freedom of Movement

Whether we travel for work, for study, for love, or for any of a hundred other reasons, we are all enriched by freedom of movement

Environmental protection

An extreme Brexit puts many of the environmental protection laws we currently have at risk

Real democracy

The terms of Brexit weren’t on the ballot paper. We need a people’s vote on the final deal and our place in Europe

We believe in being brave, in speaking our minds and together we can do politics differently