Our election priorities 

We get that right now the world seems a pretty scary place. And what makes it worse is the feeling we all have that events are completely out of our control.

We get that. We get that politics is off-putting. We get that voting sometimes seems pointless and that it's not always easy to tell one politician from the next.

And we understand that after you've been told you can't change anything about politics well, you're going to start believing it.

At times like these we have to dig deep.

The Green Party is the only party committed to stepping outside that box with the "Old Politics" sign on it.

The moment the election was announced we reached out to other progressive parties and asked to talk about an alliance that could prevent the Conservatives being returned to power. Stuck with a vision of a political reality that no longer exists, that invitation was rejected.

We were disappointed but not deterred. We don't believe in playing games. We believe that progress, prosperity, and people's rights are more important than party politics. Our values are what drive us and guide us.

Which means that at this election - in fact, at any election - if you vote Green you know what you are getting.

Our Co-Leader Caroline Lucas has, on multiple occasions, been named MP of the year. Jonathan Bartley stood with residents of his home borough of Lambeth and stopped the demolition of an historic social housing estate. Our Assembly Members in London introduced the first living wage. Our MEPs secured the introduction of a Europe-wide cap on bankers' bonuses following the financial crash. Our councillors in Sheffield took the courageous step of increasing council tax in order to pay for increased support for the poorest 30,000 families in the city.

So while the government is convinced that it's either May's way or the highway, we want Britain to take a new direction.

We want to create a confident and caring Britain. One that spends its wealth on our health; that inspires children, supports students, and listens to parents; that stands by teachers; and stands up for what it believes in.

If you share that vision, please vote for us on June 8th and together we will change politics and change Britain.

Stand up for Renters

Greens will ensure that when you rent a home, you feel at home.

We will introduce rent controls to ensure that no one is forced to accept huge increases in their rent every year. We will build 500,000 socially rented homes to provide new, affordable homes to thousands of families. And we will introduce a Landlord Licensing Scheme to ensure that every landlord must adhere to minimum standards.


Stand up for our NHS

We must use Britain’s wealth to invest in health.

We must reverse the decline in funding for the NHS, plug the deficit hole that’s been created, and plant the seeds for a new and flourishing public health service. We will lock-in a government commitment to ensure that the NHS is only funded by public money, rather than expecting people to reach into their pockets to pay for health treatments, and all services are delivered by public services, not private companies. And we will make good on the Conservatives’ failed commitment to give mental health parity with physical health by ensuring that the two are giving equal funding and investment.


Stand up for Young People

We want young people to be asked, not told, listened to, not ignored, to be allowed to speak, not be silenced.

We will scrap the tuition fees that put so many off studying for a degree. We will reinstate the Education Maintenance Grant to ensure that those from the poorest backgrounds are not blocked from attending university. And we will make sure that Brexit does not have a disastrous impact on young people’s education by creating a UK equivalent of the EU Higher Education Funding which looks set to be scrapped.


Stand up for our Rights

A democracy worthy of the name gives people a real say.

The Green Party will hold a referendum on Brexit once the terms of a deal have been agreed with the EU. That referendum will give the public two clear choices: accept the Brexit deal negotiated with the EU or remain an EU member. And we will make sure that those that will be most affected by the referendum outcome are actually given a say: we will make sure those affected are involved: a Green referendum would give 16 and 17 year olds the vote, making sure that they actually have a say over their future instead of having that decision made for them.


Stand up for our Environment

It’s not fun and it’s not pretty but it’s a must: we must liberate ourselves from the threat of climate change. Without doing so our future will never be as bright or as hopeful as we want it to be.

By investing in renewables and phasing out coal, oil and gas plants we will create clean air, rivers, parks, and gardens, we will limit the danger of flooding and prevent fracking companies from drilling into our countryside. We have so much to gain as a nation from making choices today that might seem new and uncertain but in the long-run will bring us that stability and certainty we all want.

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