10 Green Party candidates offer real hope and real change to voters in Birmingham 

Birmingham Green Party has ensured that everyone in the city has the opportunity to vote Green in the general election on July 4th. Candidates representing Birmingham’s diverse communities will be on the ballot paper offering real hope and real change to voters in all ten constituencies.

The party believes that the opportunity to vote Green is more important than ever this year. The Conservative government has been breaking Britain by destroying our public services, ruining our precious natural spaces and wrecking the climate. Sadly for voters, Labour have none of the ambition or commitment necessary to make a difference. Only Green MPs can be trusted to fight for people and the planet.

The Green Party will prioritise funding for Birmingham’s local services.

Green Party Selly Oak candidate Jane Baston says:

“I’m standing because I want to fight for better funded youth services, safer streets, and to fix the housing crisis.”

Jane Baston – Birmingham Green Party candidate for the Selly Oak constituency
Imran Khan, Birmingham Green Party candidate for the Hodge Hill and North Solihull constituency in the 2024 General Election

Imran Khan, Green candidate in Hodge Hill and North Solihull says he’s standing because:

“The ongoing crisis in the Middle East has highlighted the failings of our government to uphold international law and human rights.”

The Green Party strongly backs the International Criminal Court in seeking arrest warrants for war criminals on both sides, as well as calling for an immediate ceasefire, an end to providing weapons to Israel, releasing hostages and urgently starting peace negotiations.

Councillor Rob Grant, who’s standing in Northfield wants to use his experience representing the people of Kings Norton South to push for decentralisation and a move towards more local decision-making.

Zain Ahmed, the candidate for Hall Green and Moseley says:

“I believe in accountability and community involvement, making sure that every voice is heard and respected.” 

Zain Ahmed Birmingham Green Party candidate for the Hall Green and Moseley constituency in the 2024 General Election
Zoe Challenor - Birmingham Green Party candidate fort the Ladywood constituency in the 2024 General Election

The Green Party’s belief in communities is echoed by Zoe Challenor, who grew up in the area she is seeking to represent.

She says:

“I will be an advocate who will celebrate all Ladywood has to offer, while fighting for much better provision for residents.”

The Green Party candidates are all standing to offer voters hope and practical solutions. The Green Party would raise £50 billion by reforming our tax system to make it fairer, including a tax on the super-rich billionaires and multi-millionaires, and use the money to invest in our NHS, warmer homes and improved local services.

Green Party Co-leader Adrian Ramsay concluded:

“We are offering the common sense, affordable policies that will dramatically improve our quality of life. More Green MPs in Parliament will hold whoever forms the next government to account, and make the other parties confront the challenges our country faces. Together, we can make the change.” 

Find out more about all ten candidates here:

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